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Spring breaking: Encounter with celebrity hair stylist, Leonardo Rocco

Spring is here and Miami give us the precious gift of beautiful beach days and fun outdoor activities. All of us want to be able to enjoy these days keeping our hair securely out of our face and looking stylish until the night comes. The question is, how can women be fashionably in style this season, including our hair?

Spring Breaking: Encounter with Celebrity Hair Stylist, Leonardo Rocco.
Humberto Vidal
Spring breaking: Encounter with Celebrity Hair Stylist, Leonardo Rocco
Humberto Vidal

Instead of trying the hairstyles seen on bikini-clad celebrities in magazines, we decided to go for the man behind these looks—the real expert in hair: Celebrity Hair Stylist, Leonardo Rocco.

Born and raised in Argentine Rocco has been celebrated in Miami since 2004 for his good taste and sophistication. His Salon Rocco Donna Hair and Beauty Art is considered one of the best salons in South Beach.

Lissette Rondon, our Miami celebrity Fashion Examiner, encountered this luminaire hairstylist, interviewing him while she was getting her cutting-edge style for Spring-Break. Check it out!

LR-You have become a well-known hair stylist in Miami for your job with celebrities. Tell us a little about this fascinating experience.
"It's a wonderful experience working with many celebrities, creating their image, participating in the launch of their albums, novels, magazine covers and red carpets,” said Rocco. "In my salon, I always try to create a favorable environment for all my clients, whether they are regular or celebrities – to make them relax and trust in our work. It is very important the energy that we create and share."

LR- What are the latest trends in hair for this Spring-Summer season? Is it true that short hair is “IN” and why?
"The trends for this season are short hairstyles such as: The famous "Pixie" cuts (“Garson style”), also “the Bob Classic” and mane in all their variants (asymmetric, undercut, with or without bangs). They are styles that unlike what many women think, make them look younger, modern and sexy - they are easy to maintain and to style, also saving time. So ladies cheer as many famous did it such as Charlize Theron, Pamela Anderson, Michelle Williams, Halle Berry, Victoria Beckham, among others,” added Rocco.

LR- What do you think of the new OMBRE hair Color and does it seem stronger for this summer?
“The “Ombre” hair color is another service in my salon. This technique has been liked so much because is low maintenance, you don’t need to be constantly tweaking--it is very good for light colors and create an interesting contrast," added Rocco.

LR- Short Hair and “Ombre” coloring - what do you think of this combination?
“In fact the Ombre color is more for medium to long hair. For example if you have a "Pixie" cut, you can do "Ombre" color but it will be noticed very little, “said Rocco.

LR- As you know the Spring-Summer brings us beautiful Miami Beach days, where we expose our hair to excessive heat, humidity and sun that can cause serious damage. What would be your advice to help combat this problem?
“The most important thing is to wash your hair with moisturizing shampoo and conditioner and once a week make a nourishing treatment that will help reverse the damage. When the hair is exposed to the sun, you must protect it with creams or oils with UV filters, as we apply face block creams, we should do the same with the hair,” added Rocco.

LR- What would be the worst hairstyles, treatments or activities to do this summer?
"There is no hair style or treatment that you cannot wear in the summer. What to keep in mind is if you go to the beach or the pool, you should rinse your hair to remove salt and chlorine-- these items will punish your hair if you don’t do it, "added Rocco.

LR- Entering a personal level, you are married to our beloved singer MARGER, how is your relationship with your wife, as it comes to hair?
“Very good question,” added Rocco laughing. “Marger loves fashion and loves to be well groomed. As for her hair, she lets me counsel her to provoke some changes. Her style has gone from long hair with extensions to "Bob" cut above the shoulders. The same with the colors, we have tried with 2 or 3 colors to illuminate her face. She loves the Ombre Color. "

LR- Could you define your personality with just 3 words?
“Passion, power and vision, " added Rocco.

LR- Would you like to send an inspiring message to all immigrant hair stylists who come to our city?
“Always pursuit your dreams. This country is wonderful and we all can realize our dreams here. Of course, you have to focus on your goal and put all your efforts, enthusiasm and passion to make things happen. "

Written & Produced by Lissette Rondon.
Edited by Alexis Diaz.
Images by Fashion Photographer, Humberto Vidal.
Hair by Leonardo Rocco
Lissette's Outfit: Petit Pois by Viviana G
Accesories: Doble finger rings (Septimo by Silvia Fassardi)
& Watch by Michael Kors.
Location: Rocco Donna Hair & Beauty Art.

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