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Spring Break ski tips

Spring has sprung!  Follow these simple tips to maximize your Spring Break at the mountain.
Kevin Jordan

It's Spring Break and many people are headed to the beach. Why not head to the mountains? Here are a couple of tips to get the most out of your Spring Break to the mountains:

  1. Pay attention to the weather. If it snows a lot, get out there early before the powder gets tracked up. If it is really sunny the day before, contemplate sleeping in a little to allow the sun to soften what may have froze overnight. This could be a great tactic if you had a big night partying the night before. It is Spring Break after all.
  2. Ask a local. Don't be shy, ask a local. Ask a local for restaurant and bar knowledge. Then after you have built a little bit of a rapport, ask where his or her favorite trail is to ski or ride. You might just gain some insider knowledge into the best stash on the mountain.
  3. Eat lunch early. Spring Break means that the mountain is crowded. Eat lunch early to avoid the crowds and then ski/ride while everyone else is eating lunch.
  4. Follow the sun. If there has not been fresh snow in a while, follow the sun. Start on aspects that face East since they receive the sun first. By afternoon, you will be skiing and riding trails that have a westerly exposure.
  5. Choose/Use the right equipment. If the resort you are staying at is going through a melt-freeze cycle (i.e. firm snow in the morning and slush in the afternoon), make sure you have sharp edges and the correct width under foot. Better yet, if you are renting skis and they allow you to swap them out during the day. Try renting something that is narrower under the foot in the morning and then switch to something larger in the afternoon to slay the slush! If you are lucky enough to receive powder while on Spring Break, take out the powder boards!

Follow these simple tips to get the most of your Spring Break in the mountains!

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