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Spring break shindigs

Spring break is here!
Spring break is here!

Whether or not you are in school makes a big impact on how you view spring break. For thousands of college students across the country (and a few lucky high schoolers!), each March provides a break from the drudgery of classes and tests. This week is a time to let your hair down and recharge for the rest of the semester.

However, if you are no longer a student, this week probably does not hold much significance for you. The good news is that the scent of freedom is still in the air. As anyone living in Houston knows, Galveston is a spring break destination for much of Texas. Its rival, South Padre Island, is farther away for most people in Texas, and Galveston arguably has more to do! Galveston has events that are going on for all ten days! Spring breakers and people who are taking a long weekend off from work are the targeted individuals.

Rest assured that you will be able to find something to do after work or for the weekend for the next several days! Galveston is a great place to visit. The aforementioned college students and fun-loving Houstonites will be out on the beaches and nightclubs in droves. Moody Gardens is a great spring break destination for families, individuals, or couples, as there is something for everyone happening this week!

Love is something you can find (but perhaps just something more short term....) this week. At any rate, for those of you who are more inhibited at talking to the opposite sex, rest assured that everyone should be more open-minded and at ease this week. So get out there and meet some people!