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Spring break or spring fix?

Typically, spring break is used an escape from the pens and paper of college to sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll abroad. Scheduling mid-terms right before a week off is the perfect way to mentally prepare for this relaxing getaway. The setting is usually in a warm, sandy place with palm tree lined streets. The week is shared with a special group of friends that will help fill this week with memories to last a lifetime. With this yearly tradition, students have the tendency to party excessively. Most times this is fine because it’s important to let loose, but it can lead to them being irresponsible. Spending a few extra bucks on break is well worth it cram as much fun into your spring break. For those who might have a different take on this week off from school, it might be stimulating to consider the alternate spring break.

According to Wikipedia, the alternative spring break started in the 1980s where students decided to hang up their bathing suits and journey to an area disadvantaged area. Some current examples would be New Orleans, Haiti, and Chile. Supplying food and money is helpful of course, but donating time and effort into rebuilding homes and communities can really get an area back on its feet. Spending time abroad helping the less fortunate is a very rewarding experience and this emotional and rewarding feeling is sure to follow you home. After the week has ended, these students sometimes develop the urge to want to help out in their own communities. These experiences really demonstrate how sometimes helping others can form just as many wonderful memories.

As both types of spring break are described, they seem to have the common denominator; stress relief. It is really important to recognize how imperative these breaks are with so many students become academically drained from mid terms and other school work. So whether, you put on the bikini or put on the tool belt, drink lots of fluids and wear sunscreen. Party on dudes!


  • cathy 4 years ago

    good comparison...thanks

  • Phil 4 years ago

    I prefer the Spring Breaks that include excessive amounts of alcohol, a nice place on the beach, skinny dipping in hot tubs with friends and sipping sparkling wine on the balcony with AmAzInG people :-D

  • Kim 4 years ago

    I prefer to spend it with my family. Not all students on spring break can just jet off to party or work! :)



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