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Spring Break Is Here

Spring Break Is Here
Spring Break Is Here

Yes it's that time of year. When all the colleges take time off for the rights of spring. They have struggled through winter. They have made it through 75% of the school year. They need time to regroup for that last push towards the end. They have been cooped up in their dorms studying to all hours. Never getting out to play and relax. You know these college students they don't party all that much. Yeah Right.

It's here spring break, and Florida is the state to do it in. Some will head to Panama City in the panhandle. Others will head to Daytona Beach. Finally, there are those who will hit the west coast of Florida namely St. Pete and Clearwater.

As I happen to live in Tampa and can tell you the gulf temperature is about 69 degrees. The forecast high for the next week is about 75 and the lows are in the 60's. The sun is out and it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. The hotels, restaurants, and bars are ready to receive their spring breakers and some colleges have already had their time in the sun. The beaches are fantastic and the tans they are a coming.

If it's not the sun and surf then there are the attractions in Tampa and Orlando that are willing and waiting to be of service.

I know most of you have been buried in snow this past winter and your tired of seeing it. Well here in Tampa the only snow we have to deal with comes in our snow cones. I must tell you though I was at Pass-a-Grille beach which is at the end of St. Pete, and it was beautiful the other day. They have been putting down all that new sand for the upcoming season. The sea gulls are out and about and the sea food is delicious.

So if it's spring break and you don't know where to go or what to do then come to central Florida and watch some spring training Baseball and get your tans. Enjoy your time here and we will give you memories galore.