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Spring break ideas for college students: What to wear sailing (travel outfits)

Intro: Working out your spring break ideas and plans? If you're one of the many college students who will set off to the beach and to sail, you'll want to plan your travel outfits so that you're comfortable on the water. This short article will give you some tips about what to wear sailing and where you can find the recommended sailing outfits for your trip.

Sailing Outfits: What to Wear Sailing

As with traveling to cold climates and participating in sports like skiing, the best way to keep warm while you sail is to layer your clothes.

Your travel outfits should include a base layer that allows your skin to stay dry and helps push the sweat and moisture away from the skin and toward the outer layers of your sailing outfits.

Your travel fashions for your spring break sailing trip should also include a second layer of clothing. The purpose of this layer is to trap air. This keeps you warm. Ideally, this layer should breathe, moving the air outward as the base layer of your travel outfits does.

Finally, your travel fashions should include a top layer that wards off wind, rain and even the effects of -- to an extent -- ocean swells. Patagonia has some good products for this.

Sailing Clothes: Some Considerations

For some people, it's not a question of what to wear sailing, but if they can afford it. Some sailing outfits may not come cheap, but choosing the right clothes means that your time on the water is comfortable, safe and fun.

Where to Find These Travel Fashions

Watch the video for some advice on specific brands to look at for your sailing outfits. You'll get some practical tips about what to wear sailing.

You can find sailing clothes online on Amazon.

Read up on sailing in these books.

Here's some information about dressing for sailing. And one final bit of info about sailing outfits.

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