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Spring Break deals for students on a budget in 2014

It is time to start looking for Spring Break deals if you are planning to travel over the break in 2014. Many students end up traveling during this time. Some choose to go to a fun beach destination while others may choose to go skiing. Even families like to travel and find Spring Break deals during this mid-semester break, according to a Feb. 25 Christian Science Monitor report.

In order to get the very best Spring Break deals this year, the experts advise to book your ticket at least 15 days before you depart. This can help you save money. Unfortunately, sometimes last minute deals are the best, but during Spring Break 2014, you likely won't find a lot of last minute travel specials. You do not want to be paying off your Spring Break trip when it comes time for your summer vacation, which is why planning and booking early is important.

By booking at least 15 days in advance, you could save as much as 29 to 62 percent on your airfare. Being willing to take a layover at an airport should also decrease the price of your Spring Break 2014 trip. Another good money saving tip is to try not to depart on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. Those days of the week always add a hefty percentage to your flight price. Departing on a Sunday through Wednesday could help you save some much needed money.

Skipping the airfare altogether may make an even more affordable trip. Perhaps you and some friends, or you and your family can simply plan a fun road trip. Use a cut price online hotel reservation website to help you find the best deals for hotel nights along your route. This would allow for a fun trip, and you would get to see plenty of the U.S. as you go.

The biggest way to get good Spring Break deals this season, though, is to plan in advance, which means you should start planning and booking as soon as possible because Spring Break 2014 is coming soon! Good luck.

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