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Spring break activities for kids: How to make fairy glow jars/ fairy lanterns

Intro: Learning how to make fairy glow jars, otherwise known as fairy lanterns will provide you with some excellent spring break activities for kids. These easy art projects make cute spring-themed decorations your house or back garden.

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Fairies in a Jar Art Project

I wish I had learned how to make fairy glow jars when I was a kid. These are such easy art projects for spring and so darn cute! Making fairy jars counts as one of my favorite spring break activities for kids.

Of course they remind me of the scene in Peter Pan, where Tinkerbell gets captured and put into a lantern, but you don't need real life fairies to make this fairy lantern glow.

This is a great Mason jar art project, and you can get most if not all the supplies from the dollar store. You may have to get a few from the crafts store or online on Amazon. I'll provide you with links for places you can find supplies for this.

How to Make Fairy Glow Jars

You'll Need:

If you need to order any of the supplies above, just click on the hyperlinks.

Instructions for the Fairy Glow Jars

  1. Spread the wax paper or newspaper down to protect your work surface.
  2. Using your jar as a guide, cut out a piece of acetate that will fit inside your jar once you roll it up. (Watch the video tutorial for visuals.)
  3. Paint small dots of the glow paint onto the acetate. If you're using fabric paint, you may not need the paint brushes.
  4. Allow the small dots to completely dry, then paint on larger dots in random places on the acetate. You can use several different colors of paint for the fairy glow jars if you want more variety.
  5. Allow the paint to completely dry. Drying it in the sun will "charge" the glow mechanism in the paint.
  6. Roll the acetate up with the paint side on the outside of the roll.
  7. Insert it into the jar.
  8. Glue glitter on the lid for some extra fairy dust glow!

If any part is uncertain, watch the tutorial video that accompanies this article. The only part that's missing is the glitter on the lid. That's not part of the tutorial, but something I saw on another fairy lantern art project. Just paint the glue on the lid and sprinkle the glitter on top.

What kinds of spring break activities for kids are you dreaming up? Leave your comments below.

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