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Spring break activities for kids: How to make a homemade lava lamp

Intro: I loved learning how to make a lava lamp, because it reminded me of the lamp my grandma had. When I was a kid, I was fascinated by its bubbling bubbles and pretty colors. Who knew that there were instructions for making a simple homemade lava lamp? If you're looking for spring break activities for kids, you'll like this fun decorating craft. They are easy art projects that you can use to decorate your house.

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Spring Art Projects: How to Make Homemade Lava Lamps for Kids

You'll Need:

  • Clear water bottles
  • Vegetable oil
  • Food coloring
  • Alka Seltzer

Instructions for This Spring Break Activity for Kids

  1. Pour in oil. Fill bottle three-fourths of the way full.
  2. Pour in the water.
  3. Drop several drops of the food coloring into the water.
  4. Break up the Alka Seltzer tablet.
  5. Drop the pieces into the oil/ water-filled bottle. The homemade lava lamp will begin bubbling from the bottom up just like a real one.

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Tips for Making Prettier Homemade Lava Lamps:

  • Look for interesting looking bottles.
  • Mix colors like blue and red for purple.
  • Make homemade lava lamps for holidays like St. Patrick's Day or Easter by changing the colors of food coloring you put into them.

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