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Spring break 2013 gets the party started all over the nation

On March 7, spring break 2013 was trending which meant a little travel advice became necessary about where to go but not necessarily what to do. According to Co-Ed Magazine by way of USA Today, the raunchiest destinations for reveling during this short but sweet vacation from studying were disclosed.

Spring break 2013! It's almost time to party!
Spring break 2013! It's almost time to party!
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Which "raunchy" may be a word that's a bit strong for some of the places disclosed for partying during spring break, these particular scenes of possible debauchery sure do prove to be good places to check out in one way or another.

Tops on this year's list from this particular source is Las Vegas, followed closely by South Pardre Island in Texas. Then there's that ever popular spring break spot known as Daytona Beach with Myrtle Beach taking the number four spot.

Orlando, Florida is number five, but that's on tap every year, all year round for all kinds of fun, some fitting into the category of the wholesome kind. Also on Co-Ed Magazine's mind as places to go for this time of the year when the excuse to get down and possibly get wasted includes Lake Havasu, Arizona; Miami, Florida, Panama Beach, Florida; Key West, Florida; Fort Myers, Florida; and Tampa, Florida.

Meanwhile, while a number of Florida hot spots took their places on this particular set of spring break directions, only one California destination made the list and that was San Diego. But we at Examiner beg to differ since there should be at least a couple of others in which to hide out and have fun in the Golden State. After all, what happened to swinging Palm Springs, always hot and ready for action at this time of the year?

Then there's Santa Barbara, a seaside paradise where some folks are lucky enough to already be visiting if that happens to the college town those people picked for gaining some wisdom via higher education. However, if that's not the case for you, then consider heading West and hitting up the Pacific for this specific spot for spring break 2013. OK? OK!


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