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Spring Break 101: 10 Inexpensive Vacay Steals!

Tie Dye Twist Bandeau One-Piece $40
Tie Dye Twist Bandeau One-Piece $40

Your flight is booked and hotel is set. You have your itinerary in tow and are counting down the days to your next wanderlust getaway.

TOMS Banana Beach Hat $48

After maxing out your funds for the exciting trip, you realize you have yet to shop the basics to accompany your luggage and the thrill of packing.

If that isn't enough, you're also sadly reminded that you have much less to spend then originally planned-what do you do?

You go to Plan B: vacay buys on the cheap! Just because it's inexpensive doesn't mean it isn't travel worthy.

You can shop the list of vacay essentials such as the customary beach tote, sandals, swimsuits and the whole enchilada all on a shoe string budget!

You probably won't be heading to the airport looking exactly like you just stepped off a Conde Nast Traveler's brochure, but you will look mighty close to it! Here are 10 inexpensive vacay steals for under $50...

1. Tie Dye Twist Bandeau One-Piece $40

2. AE Cutout Jacquard Dress $50

3. Vans Circle Lens Cat Sunglasses $12

4. INC International Concepts Beach Tote $35

5. Old Navy Classic Flip-Flops $3

6. Black Plain Cami Maxi Dress $25

7. TOMS Banana Beach Hat $48

8. ALDO Magennis Sandals $48

9. Topshop Tee $36

10. H&M 2-Pack Guest Towel $10

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