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Spring in Atlanta

A lot of people have been waiting for Spring in Atlanta and it is here. Wonderful weather means more nights spent outside with friends, family and/or your mate. I would recommend that anyone looking for something to do spend time outdoors. Sure, it's warmer and you want to appreciate the club, but Atlanta Nightlife is amazing on a Spring night. Enjoy an evening at the Botanical Gardens in Atlanta or simply enjoy the sunset on Stone Mountain.

Some outdoor events in Atlanta allow the consumption of alcohol outside. You can always find an event scheduled in the park for some fresh air. In fact, use this as an opportunity to spend some quality time getting your pet outside. Another activity you can enjoy from the park is watching the leaves turning back to there colors on the nature trails. The parks in Atlanta don't close until 11:00 p.m. That is plenty of time to enjoy the scenery. Nature lovers can really enjoy looking out on Atlanta at night during the warmer weather. You can even catch a remarkable skyline.

Be sure to wear clothes appropriate for the season if you are clubbing. Drinking alcohol and the warm weather can cause you to become dehydrated easily. Most people fail to realize that the appropriate amount of water before alcohol can decrease your chances of getting sick or dehydrated.

Finally, with the weather warming up in Atlanta be safe and watch your surroundings. Be sure that you don't leave your valuables visibly unattended if they are left in your vehicle. It's always safer to travel in numbers when you are traveling in the city.

Get out and enjoy yourself. It's warming up and besides you've been in the house all winter!

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