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Spring at Last

After a couple of misfires, I believe spring has begun it's final arrival. It may snow again, but the storms will be fewer and farther between. Time to get the cycle into the shop for it's annual tune up. Unless you are a lifelong tinkerer of bicycles I strongly suggest you get your ride to a pro shop. If you have to store your bike outside (like I do) it will need more than a simple tune up. Have the rubber boots on your shocks checked. Moisture inside the shocks is a killer. Even if the tires are knobby and look OK, have them checked for cracking especially where they meet the rims. Spokes need tuned as do derailer and brakes. As I stated last fall and during the winter, don't forget safety. Check your headgear for deep abrasions, and if any cracks are detected, get rid of it.

Watch the river trails daily now, as some of them will eventually be underwater as the spring runoff begins and detours are to be expected. Many a novice biker has had to slam on the brakes only to go ass over tea kettle into the Platte or Cherry Creek. Not a very graceful dismount.

As always, happy cycling, and I'll see you on the trails.



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