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Spring arrives in Winter weary Chicago

Chicago river
Chicago river

Chicago - Chicago's up and down weather continued as on Friday, some parts of the city reached sixty degrees for the first time since November. causing many to shed the heavy clothing that has become common place over the last few months. The spring tease is expected to be brief, as a cold front will bring the city back to reality.

Its been a record breaking winter for the city of Chicago. This winter, along with tempartures that dipped well below zero on several days.The city has also accumulated nearly eighty inches of snow. Thats the third highest amount on record.

The thing is, the weather in Chicago is just about as predictable as the stock market. You never really can get a fix on what to expect from week to week. In fact there are some weeks when it seems as if the city experiences all four seasons. Causing many to term the city's weather as Bi-polar.

None the less, people here know that the extreme weather in the city, which by the way can also be just about as hot and humid as any place on the globe, is just a fact of life here in the mid west. And the city of big shoulders and its resident which have seemingly been held hostage by winter, cant wait for the weather to break and ursher in their season of warmer temperatures.