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Spring ahead in your flirty finest

I'm not saying dress like Tinkerbell, but start rocking something springy!
I'm not saying dress like Tinkerbell, but start rocking something springy!

Every year it seems like Daylight savings time crops up earlier and earlier. The extended daylight is fantastic, but the one hour of less sleep is definitely less so. However, with the longer hours and the (hopefully!) arrival of spring, 'tis the season to start unearthing the cute warm weather wear from the back of the closet, and to gear up for flirt central.

I've said it before, but I'll say it again: how you feel and perceive yourself has EVERYTHING to do with the way you flirt and relate to others. Confidence is the key to success in this area, and what makes you feel more confident than a cute spring ensemble and fresh pedicure?

Keep in mind that flirting isn't just for singles--if you are in a relationship, you can keep things fresh and fun by being playful and sassy with your other half too. For instance, when he starts breaking out the shorts, a well-placed comment about how fantastic he is looking, and how his girlfriend must be so lucky to have a guy who looks as amazing as him--can bring a smile to his face, but also build his ego. Plus, he's likely to return the favor by flirting back with you, and it'll be just like in that first phase of the relationship.

Now for those of you who are single, spring is the perfect time to get flirty. I mean, everyone has spent several months cooped up indoors and buried under fourteen layers of clothing in order to stay warm in our lovely Des Moines weather. Now is the time for you to start shedding those layers--and shedding your shyness--to go out there and have a good time!

Spring ahead officially happens on March 14--but that doesn't mean you can't get started now. With the weather already warming up outside, now is the time to grab out some pretty pastels, make that spa appointment, and start working your flirty finest!