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Spread your voice virtually through teleseminars and webinars

Teleseminars and webinars allow you to expand your speaking opportunities without the expense and time of traveling around the country or world
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If you limit your speaking opportunities to only those you can travel to from Long Beach, you are limiting your visibility and your income. There are many entrepreneurs who are building thriving businesses using their speaking abilities virtually … speaking to sizable audiences without ever leaving the comfort of their home.

Technology available empowers speakers to product quality teleseminars and webinars for very readable prices … including free. Here are some tips and resources you can use to grow your business without having to travel around the country or the globe.

This is a workshop, retreat or seminar provide solely over the phone. Your attendees call into a conference line and you give your presentation to the group using your phone. You can get started providing tele seminars for free using any of a number of no-cost conference lines. Better yet, those services allow you to record the call and download it for your own uses in mp3, and sometimes wav, format. Here are few you can look into:

Some of these services provide a way for listeners to virtually raise their hand. That way you can mute the line to increase audio quality, but still allow for interaction.

Once the teleseminar aspect of your business matures, you may want more bells and whistles than available through these free services. Paid services add on useful features such as allowing your participants to listen to the call over the web, or breaking up attendees into subgroups. Here are a couple of paid conference call services you may wish to investigate:

A webinar increases engagement by adding visuals to the teleseminar. They are delivered over the web, allowing you to show participants videos and slides to help illustrate the points you are talking about. Instant Teleseminar offers features for webinars, but many webinar hosts use GoToMeeting. Also, if you have WordPress site, you might consider investigating a unique webinar management plugin called Webinar Ignition. Some webinar hosts use Google Hangouts to deliver their content, as well.

Would you like more information about public speaking? Visit for tips, advice and plenty of videos about all the "powers" you can employ in your speaking endeavors.

NOTE: Are you a Long Beach based speaker? Do you know of an upcoming speaking event? Contact me to have an interview with you published in this column.

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