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Spray wax and watch it be awesome

The weather is starting to become beautiful and great to be in. The only problem you might run into, is how to style it great. Depending on the length of your hair it could be rather easy; though the problem with short hair is that it always needs to be styled. With a short choppy style, the best products to use are waxes. Especially a spray wax because it is easier to use and you can get a better surface area. The brand Enjoy has a great spray wax. First, you want to shake it up, spray in your hands then glide your fingers through your hair concentrating on the ends. You would not need hair spray because a wax will have a hold to it. There are regular "puck" waxes that you could use. The only problem with these is if you use to much it can turn into little balls and fall off the hair. In the end, it is all about how much you use and how you use it. Whatever works for you is always the way to go.