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Spotsylvania remembers the Civil War 150 years later

Spotsylvania celebrates 150th anniversary
Spotsylvania celebrates 150th anniversary
Penny Anderson

Reenactors, spectators, and gawkers descended on Spotsylvania Courthouse in Spotsylvania, Virginia, to celebrate the sesquicentennial of the Battle of the Wilderness and Spotsylvania campaign. Fredericksburg area parks and visitors’ centers were open to the public and the area around Spotsylvania Courthouse was turned into soldiers’ camps.

Thousands enjoyed the sights, smells, shouts, and shots of the reenactment of the Courthouse campaign, including the Bloody Angle. People were all along Virginia State route 208, called Courthouse Road due to the proximity of the court complex. The fields were covered with white tents, burning campfires, and hundreds of reenactors dressed in blue or grey. The celebrations began on May 3 and tours, lectures, and other services finished up May 14.

he National Park Service supported the memorials and celebrations with services and outfitters along with staff from the local battlefield centers. Fredericksburg, Virginia, is home to several Civil War battlefields and celebrations for the 150th anniversary of many events have occurred, including the First and Second Battle of Fredericksburg.

More information on Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania battlefields can be found at the National Park Service home web site.