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Spotlight shines on performing arts at CreativeMornings/Miami

Vanessa Garcia and The Krane at Creative Mornings Miami
David Verjano

A foggy, gloomy Friday could not shroud this month’s CreativeMornings/Miami event. Originally scheduled to be outside the InterContinental Miami, the organizers went against the grain and moved the event inside. The month’s theme was Rebel and the CreativeMornings team stayed true to it.

Attendees trickled into the Chopin Ballroom, greeted with the event’s traditional free coffee and pastries. But this month’s talk was anything but traditional as a troupe of costumed performers prepared to put on a show.

Spearheaded by Vanessa Garcia, the group known as The Krane would visually illustrate the concept of rebellion through the arts. Five performers garnished with face paint and draped with sheets played the role of metaphorical birds, while Garcia narrated and a guitarist provided ambient music. One of the performers was even on stilts (yes, stilts).

It’s not what many expected to see at 9 AM on a workday. But rebels do not follow expectations.

The Krane graciously swooped around the room telling a story of young birds that saw what others couldn’t and did what others didn’t. The colorful story depicted personal discovery, external disapproval and the stages of becoming a rebel. In sum, the performance highlighted the following ideas:

  • Rebellion is a part of social growth and evolution
  • Embracing difference in yourself and others
  • Following your passion regardless of doubt
  • "Where would this world be without rebels?"

The talk was followed by a Q&A session that covered topics regarding Miami’s arts community and how it can flourish with the help of other industries. For more information on Vanessa Garcia and the Krane, you can visit and

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