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Spotlight on the Christian sub-culture: Joella Jackson


In all of the sub-cultures, there are leaders who advocate and teach the philosophy and worldview, which are the foundation of their life practices and community.  The everyday person listens to these leaders.  But they only play the role of front man or publicist.
The true traditional extender of each sub-culture is the general population.  But, to use the word ‘general’ does not mean that each of these people is not important in promoting their sub-culture.  Within this general population is a majority that lives their lives each day according to the belief system of their sub-culture.
One of these extenders is Joella Jackson.  She represents the DAV in Dallas, Texas.  Her office is in a small corner of the Veterans Administration Hospital of Dallas.  This hospital serves the veterans of seven wars and conflicts of the last seventy years from World War II to the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.  She agreed to a short conversation about her life and commitment to service. 
When entering her office I could immediately see the hints of some of the things that are important to her.  There is a picture on a side desk of a young woman in military fatigues.  The smile coming from that picture is the same smile on the woman seated at the desk.
Pride for her twenty-two years of service in the Army and the Reserves is obvious in the memorabilia that surrounded her.  But, her service did not stop at the end of those twenty-two years.
Along with all of the military reminders, there are Christian symbols scattered about.  Her reputation around the hospital is one of soothing encouragement and cagey advice.  I asked her about her life story and obvious Christianity.
“It was in 1987,” she replied, “when I accepted Jesus as my Savior.”
I wondered how this event affected her job as a DAV representative.  Ms. Jackson smiled at me and I could see she was sorting through her memories.
“There is a satisfaction in helping veterans who have served their country, this country.  When I know that these veterans achieve the unachievable, it gives me a sense of joy.  I am a servant.  If I can help one person, I have done my job as a public servant.”
There are many people who make up this sub-culture of Christians who promote their belief system and customs by actions and not just by words.  DAV representative Joella Jackson is one of those.  The spotlight shines on her every day.  She reflects the person and purpose of Jesus Christ.


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