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Spotlight on Ohio Green Living

Ohio Green Living is an organization that was started by five Ohioans committed to promoting sustainability and green living practices within the state of Ohio.  According to the Ohio Green Living website, these five Ohioans are Tim and Margartet Chavez, Richard Jensen, and Jay and Anne Warmke.  For many years each worked on their own farms and projects until coming together to form a united initiative called Ohio Green Living.

The goal of the initiative is to "create or encourage events that focus on green living by providing workshops, demonstrations and music to teach sustainable living skills in a fun and entertaining atmosphere."

On Labor Day in 2007, they held their first Green Living Fayre at Flying J Farms.  It was held again in 2008 with more than 1000 in attendence.  Due to farm capacity, the event moved in 2009 and a Virtual Fayre is being planned for 2010.  Since the inception of the group, they've grown and are now affiliating with Simply Living a non-profit organization based in Columbus that promotes sustainability.

To learn more about Ohio Green Living, including opportunities to get involved, click here.

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