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Spotlight on Louisville Twitter User: Kentucky Humane Society

Advocating the humane treatment of companion animals
Advocating the humane treatment of companion animals
KY Humane Society logo

Louisville has a very active Twitter community. Businesses, individuals, freelancers and non-profits are all seeing the benefit using Twitter. Today the Spotlight is on the Kentucky Humane Society, a beloved and respected member of the Louisville community.

How long have you been using Twitter?
The Kentucky Humane Society has been using Twitter since early 2009.

What reasons do you use Twitter?
We use Twitter to promote our mission, which is advocating the humane treatment of companion animals through leadership and proactive solutions to pet overpopulation. Followers can read about upcoming events, pet-related news, and we also regularly feature adoptable pets looking for homes. We also use Twitter to keep up with trends in the animal welfare industry.

If you use Twitter for business, has it been successful? 
From a business standpoint, Twitter has been successful for the Kentucky Humane Society. We’re able to reach a group of people in a way that’s relevant to them, and provide information they want. We have a dedicated group of followers, and we – and the animals – definitely appreciate their support!

Who have you met, from the Louisville area, after connecting on Twitter?
Through Twitter, we’ve been able to connect with potential volunteers and adopters. People contact us regarding opportunities we have available, and also about pets they’ve viewed on our website. It’s a great way to have a conversation with people and really connect with those in our community.

What's your Twitter address?
@kyhumane. We also have a staff list on our Twitter page so you can follow other departments such as Behavior, Adoptions and more.

Follow Kentucky Humane Society on Twitter and visit their website site at

Thank you, Kentucky Humane Society, for all that you do to teach the community about the humane treatment of companion animals.


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