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Spotlight on Louisville Twitter user Derby City Espresso

Derby City Espresso
Derby City Espresso
Matthew Landan

The spotlight today is on Matthew Landan, proprietor of Derby City Espresso. Using Twitter and other social media tools, Derby City Espresso has become a familiar site online. Here are a few things he had to say about using Twitter:

How long have you been using Twitter?

For just about one year.

Why do you use Twitter?

Social networking, marketing my business, fun and games.

One reason you use Twitter is for marketing your business, has it been successful for you?

It has been successful from a communications & marketing point of view. I can't tell you how many more beers or espresso drinks I've sold because of it, but I do know that people have come into the shop because they saw a post on twitter.

Who have you met, from the Louisville area, after connecting on Twitter?

Many folks. Several bloggers including Michelle Jones from Consuming Louisville and also several musicians.

What's your Twitter address?

Follow Matthew on Twitter and check out his site on MySpace. Definitely stop in for a visit and a cup of something special.

Derby City Espresso features fresh roasted coffee beans from HobbKnobb Roasters & Ray's Monkey House. Matthew encourages you to check out their beans from Sumatra, Columbia, yemen, Java, Ethiopia and India. He serves up highly charged single shots using at least 14 grams of coffee in a double shot basket, iced espresso drinks, frozen espresso drinks, and more than 50 kinds of tea. He also serves a variety of beers

He also features great live music and great art. Definitely a spot to visit soon.

Located at 331 East Market St

Hours: Mon - Fri 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Saturday 11 a.m. - ???

Sunday - Closed


  • Johni Louise 5 years ago

    Charlene- Matt uses Twitter Well. He's really good at Social Media to keep us up to date with bands, art shows and more at DCE! Glad to see DCE here in the Blog!

  • Charlene 5 years ago

    @JohniLouise - I was excited to be able to interview Matt because I know how active he is on social media - really like his Facebook and MySpace pages. Looking forward to another interview in upcoming months.

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