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Spotlight on Louisville area Twitter user Grant Friedman

Grant Friedman,
Grant Friedman,

The spotlight today is on Grant Friedman, local Twitter user and business owner.

How long have you been using Twitter?

I joined Twitter on Aug 12, 2008

Why do you use Twitter?

I use Twitter for several reasons but for the most part I use it to promote my website within the web and graphic design community. In addition, I have also found that Twitter is an exceptional networking tool that I also use to communicate with graphic and web designers from around the world.

You say you use Twitter for business, has it been successful?

Twitter is actually at the core of my site’s business. Since joining Twitter in August of 2008 I have received over 11,000 followers (and growing) and have managed to build a quite loyal readership among my website’s visitors. In fact, I give Twitter a lot of credit for the popularity of my site that now receives between 3,000 and 5,000 visits per day.

Who have you met, from the Louisville area, after connecting on Twitter?

I met @jasonfalls, @chimoose, @ambercadabra as well as many others at a Social Media Club of Louisville ( event a while back , but I have also met quite a few people from all over the world including @abduzeedo who I met once in New York and a second time in Tampa when we both spoke at the Front-End Design Conference, @suterman who took me for a tour of the Marvel Comics Headquarters in New York, and @jeff_finley who I recently met up with in Cleveland.

Follow Grant on Twitter at, and visit his beautifully designed and informative website at

Thank you, Grant, for letting us get to know you.


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