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Spotlight on Jewelry Designer Stephanie Kantis

Interior designer turned jewelry designer Stephanie Kantis has a big passion for jewelry and you can see that in the way she wears her own pieces and in the way she speaks to people about it, you can hear the passion in her voice.

Stephanie Kantis Jewelry
Jewelry Designer Stephanie Kantis

Her versatile pieces have been a huge hit with her clients since she launched her line almost 3 years ago. They can be worn in many different ways allowing you to create many different looks. All you need to do is get her 3 basic pieces: A chain necklace, a chain bracelet and a pendant. The pieces are interchangeable and it is the easiest way to start your Stephanie Kantis Jewelry Collection.

We caught up with Stephanie during her Trunk Show at Neiman Marcus in Tampa and we asked her a few question about her jewelry line:

1-Tell us about the jewelry collection that we are seeing today?
SK-This is the Cosmos collection, I call it that, it is a color story really. Everything is gold with precious stones in different colors. It’s very Zen, feel good jewelry. Women tell me that they feel elegant, current, rich and sexy when they wear it.

2- In addition to being a jewelry designer you are also an interior designer, how has that help you in creating jewelry?
SK-I am so inspired by Art from all over the world. As an interior designer I studied art and architecture. I like creating an environment for women to put themselves in. The fact that women want to wear something that I created is a great compliment to me.

3-Your jewelry is mostly made of bronze dipped in 24kt gold, what made you decide to do that?
SK-When I first got the idea of taking something artful and making it into jewelry I wanted to find a way to create a quality piece with beautiful materials that everyone could enjoy. If I were to make those pieces in solid gold they will be too expensive to create and very heavy to wear and that’s how that came about. I adore the richness of gold, it is very elegant.
I also want to tell you that we recently launched our silver collection as well and is doing very well.

4-What advice would you give to any young jewelry designers that are starting out?
SK-First of all I would say go with your gut, don’t be a copycat and copy anyone. If you want to design them design, make something new and different. Combine your interest with your work. For example, If you like nature or architecture then incorporate that in your jewelry; incorporate the things that you like. Personally I love the Earth, stones, history, people, cultures and you can see the influence in my work. My pieces are inspired by different royal eras such as the Spanish, England and Italy eras and cultures like the Aztec, Greek, etc..

5-We always like to end our interviews with some words of wisdom or favorite quote, what is yours?
“It is never too late to change your style”-Stephanie Kantis.

For more information about Stephanie Kantis Jewelry visit her website at

You can also purchase her jewelry at your local Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus stores as well as online.

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