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Spotlight on Dental Hygienist Peggy Voigt

Peggy at Mexican Fiesta
Peggy at Mexican Fiesta
Ann Day

Mexican Fiesta had a Sensodyne Dental Spa and Peggy Voigt was working there this past weekend. She had moved up to Milwaukee from Florida about a year ago and has been looking for a job as a dental hygienist but has only been able to find temporary work about one day a week. Earlier this summer and last summer she also worked during the Summerfest Music Festiva in the Sensodyne area giving out samples and talking about the benefits of Sensodyne.

"I am willing to do just about anything" Peggy said. She added that her husband needed health care at Froedert in Milwaukee and that he is paralyzed. Her husband grew up in Sheboygan and wanted to move back to Wisconsin.

One of Peggy's daughters is an attorney and she talked about setting her up with Luis who is the truck driver for Sensodyne and also runs the music and spoke Spanish and English into the microphone to attract people to come into the Sensodyne area. Peggy also has a son who owns a restaurant and she is very proud of her children.

Peggy was married to a dentist. That ended up in a divorce. She used to work in his office but hopes she will find something new in the Milwaukee area.