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Spotlight On : Dental Health for Children

Teach them young
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February is National Children’s Dental Month. The American Dental Association has many activities that uses kid friendly characters to teach children about the importance of brushing. They have provided coloring sheets and other fun activities you can do with your children to teach the anatomy of a tooth, how often to brush, and even nutrition for healthier teeth. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry also has some great activities to help you teach your children the importance of taking care of their teeth by introducing them to Mouth Monsters.

Oral health is vital to your child’s development. You should start with using a brush developed specifically for infants and “brush” their gums. Often this will help when they are teething as well as it can soothe the gums. Introducing the toothbrush in infancy will help them become familiar and look forward to the routine, quality time of oral health Infants and toddlers need the assistance of their parents/caregiver with the act of brushing their teeth and should never be left unattended while brushing their teeth. It is recommended to take your child to his/her first dental checkup when the get their first tooth or by the time they are year old, whichever comes first. They should visit the dentist as often as recommended by their dentist, typically that is around every six months.

Dental health is often overlooked because some parents feel that the first set of teeth, “baby teeth” are not that important. The growth and development of those teeth make many determinations about the health and development of your child’s permanent teeth. By starting your child’s dental routine at a young age it teaches them the importance that their oral health has in their lives.

Tooth pain causes many problems from teething, cavities, and injuries from sports, and other activities. The more they know about their teeth and what to expect from the dentist the easier it will be to deal with anything that develops throughout their childhood. There have been many changes with the new health care guidelines. Here is a helpful guide to getting the right dental coverage for your child.

Have fun coloring and doing the activities with your children and if you haven’t already start a healthy dental routine. When your child has gotten the hang of it you can even print out a certificate for them to celebrate healthy oral health.

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