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Spotlight on Columbus - CallCopy Inc.

In a time when efficiency has a direct impact on the money drop to the bottom line, companies are looking to decrease cost, cover bases in legal issues, and ensure that customer satisfaction is a highest priority. After all, the ability to maintain a premium service offering, while reducing costs is the key to surviving in a down economy. As companies try to slim down the work force, they are looking extensively toward turnkey solution that will assist in maintaining efficient operations while not sacrificing customer retention.

Enter CallCopy, Inc., a Columbus, Ohio based company offering total quality solutions for call centers, companies with large consumer customer bases, and many other verticals. The CallCopy product suite is divided into 5 main areas.

1. Voice Call Recording - The software is able to integrate into most major manufacturers' phone switches and record phone conversations. Additionally, they offer a voice over IP (VoIP) solution that is passive and will use network protocols existing natively on VoIP systems to record calls traversing wire, even in geographically disparate areas. This function provides a great legal net to catch issues before they arise. Additionally, consumer order errors and credit card fraud is minimized, as well as providing quality tools to ensure that customer service levels are maintained. Files can be exported to multiple formats. The CallCopy player also is able to display stereo audio in multiple color formats so that supervisors and mentors can easily distinguish who is speaking during a recorded call.

2. Screen Capture - The cc:Screen product allows companies to monitor what is happening on the screen of a computer during a call. In the CallCopy player, if screen capture is available, such will be displayed in time synch with the voice traffic.

3. cc:Quality - This product gives managers a tool for evaluating performance of agents taking call. Template evaluation forms are created and managers can mentor team members through evaluation of preset criterion for performance. Additionally, the tool has some great calibration features allowing internal auditing of any issues between managers and subordinates.

4. Speech Analytics - The speech analytics product is a robust set of tool that performs speech recognition and performs word or phrase spotting which is stored in a database. Reports can be run as well as triggers activated which inform managers when certain phrases are detected, (i.e. cancel, competitor information, emotion words such as angry, problem, expletives, etc...) future offerings are to contain emotion detection which will detect volume and speed levels and allow managers to be alerted when a conversation is escalating and a supervisor should get involved.

5. Surveys - Post call surveys through an IVR style menu can provide alot of marketing and competitive intelligence through well designed questions. This product is used widely in various verticals such as health care, customer service oranizations, as well as outsourced call centers.

In addition to these and other core products, the product boasts innovative tools for ensuring PCI Compliance while still recording calls, an On-demand agent to trigger recording as required, a scripting engine through API integration that allows triggering of recording based on events such as computer application start, transfers, holds, or other call events, and even real-time "Live" monitoring of calls.

The CallCopy company CEO and president, Raymond Bohac is also assistant organizer of TechLife Columbus, as well as being a member of many civic and professional organizations. His team is dedicated to providing best in class product and service to companies wishing to boost their quality monitoring.

CallCopy is located on Olentangy River Rd. in Columbus, Ohio and has been voted one of Central Ohio Best Places to Work two years in a row. Visit the CallCopy web site at for more information on products offered by this central Ohio leader.


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