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Spotlight on Arkansas performer Gabbie Ware

Gabbie Ware
Gabbie Ware
Gabbie Ware, Facebook

As reported here, an elite group of young performers from the Central Arkansas Performing Arts Academy (CAPAA) in Cabot will entertain at the Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Studios in Florida during spring break.

This article is the fourth of a series that will spotlight each of the performers in the group, which is known as the CAPAA Players. If you missed the first article in this series, click here. If you missed the second article in the series, click here. If you missed the third, click here.

This profile is of Gabbie Ware, 14, a student at Cabot Junior High North.

Q: How did you get interested in performing arts?

A: Ever since I was little, I had a thing for audiences; every chance I could, I would sing, dance, and put on a show for whoever would sit still long enough to watch me.

Q: What was your first role?

A: I was a caterpillar girl and Wonderlander in the show Welcome to Wonderland.

Q: What other roles have you played?

A: I was Gabriella Montez in High School Musical 2, a prostitute and townsperson in 24601: A Tribute to Les Miserables, and part of the ensemble in Yes, Virginia. I am currently a dancer in The Little Mermaid Junior.

Q: If you had to choose one--acting, singing, or dancing--which would it be and why?

A: Throughout my life I have developed a love for dancing; I have discovered that I can express myself artistically through dance. I have also discovered that dancing comes naturally to me.

Q: What (Who) is your favorite . . .

. . . Broadway musical?

A: Les Miserables

. . . actress?

Julie Andrews

. . . song?

“Gotta Go My Own Way” from High School Musical 2 or “Master of the House” from Les Miserables

Q: What is the best memory you have related to performing arts?

A: After my first performance, I remember looking out into the crowd and seeing the tears of joy in my mom and dad’s eyes and realizing right then and there that I have what it takes to conquer my dreams!

Q: What advice do you have for those interested in the performing arts?

A: There will always be bumps in the road, but if you ride out the storm, it will lead you to the stars of your success.

Q: Can you sum up your life with one Broadway song title?

A: “A Little Princess”

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