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Spotlight is now on Seahawks' Legion of Boom

Richard Sherman during Super Bowl XLVIII on Feb. 2, 2014
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The Legion of Boom has been the focus of a lot of attention over the past few days, with Walter Thurmond and Brandon Browner leaving in free agency, Richard Sherman engaging in Twitter arguments with DeAngelo Hall and LeGarrette Blount, and the market being set for extensions for Sherman and Earl Thomas.

Some reports indicated Browner had a deal in place with New England on Thursday, but his agent denied that and said he was talking with four teams, including Washington, New Orleans and Oakland.

Browner ended up signing with the Patriots a day later, for a surprising $17 million over three years. Browner is suspended for the first four games of 2014, so that contract figures to be convoluted.

Thurmond, who served a four-game suspension last season, had settled for a one-year deal reportedly worth $3.5 million from the New York Giants. He visited Jacksonville and San Francisco and reportedly drew interest from Tampa Bay and Washington.

Speaking of the Redskins, Hall – their top corner for the past six seasons – got into a bit of a Twitter feud with Sherman on Thursday, right after Sherman went tweet for tweet against Blount.

Those exchanges were reminiscent of the Twitter argument between Sherman and Darrelle Revis last year, when both claimed to be the best cornerback in the game.

This time, Blount called former Patriots teammate Aqib Talib the best corner in the league, and Hall questioned Sherman's ability because he does not usually shadow the opponent's best receiver. Sherman shut both guys up.

Hall has always been a talker – even if his play on the field has not always backed it up. He's one of those guys who should never have a microphone placed in front of his mouth, because you never hear anything smart come out of it. He's also a two-way big-play corner – i.e., he either makes a big play or (much more often) he gives one up.

Sherman is a talker, too, and sometimes it is annoying to his coaches and fans, but he usually comes out on top of these kinds of inane conversations. It was no different Thursday.

After Blount tweeted, "Follow the best receiver every game and do it," Sherman's final reply was simply: "Did that help y'all win the (Super) Bowl?"

Sherman finished his war of words with Hall by saying, "U coming with this nonsense. Gonna be tough on ya."

Sherman is probably right again: The Hawks travel to Washington next season.

Meanwhile, Blount will get to see Talib and Sherman perform in the same game as well because the Hawks will host Denver.

The question is: Will Sherman be playing under a contract extension that trumps Talib's deal with Denver and Revis' new situation with the Patriots?

Talib, a talented but injury-prone player, reportedly received $26 million guaranteed on a six-year deal.

Revis, who was paid $16 million by Tampa Bay last season and then cut last week, received what is basically a one-year, $12 million contract from New England. That amounts to $28 million guaranteed over two years.

Based on those numbers, you have to figure Sherman's agent will be angling for $12 million a year and $30 million guaranteed.

Thomas' demands might not be far off that.

New Orleans reportedly gave Jairus Byrd – considered the best safety on the market (coming from Buffalo) -- a six-year contract worth $54 million. It reportedly includes $28 million guaranteed.

That will be the baseline for Thomas' extension – with many thinking he will aim for $10 million a year.

The Seahawks will hope Thomas and Sherman are willing to give the Dynasty Discount, as Michael Bennett did, but Seattle certainly can afford to keep them – even if it requires using the franchise tag on one of them in 2015.

Extension talks are probably under way, which guarantees the spotlight will remain on the Legion of Boom.

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