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Spot the International Space Station


In the authors continuing reports on local aerospace happenings, tonight over Titusville Florida at 9:51 PM you will able to see the ISS fly over and visible for 4 minutes. The trajectory is: Max Height is 45 degrees coming out of the Southwest and headed toward the East-Northeast.

The International Space Station flies over about twice a month and is sometimes seen early in the mornings before sunrise, or at night after sunset. If you are interested in getting email alerts when it is flying over your location, you can sign up at by going to the ISS section and signing up for alerts.

It is a spectacular sight and at 250 miles up it still looks like a large bright object and is larger than any star or planet. The author has personally seen it fly over Austin Texas, Little Rock Arkansas, Daytona Beach and Titusville Florida. It is big enough to take videos of as long as you have a high megapixel camera and maybe a zoom feature. The object moves too fast in the amount of time it is visable and you can really not use a telescope to view it. It is recommended that you use binoculars instead or a camera with a zoom feature to view it.

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