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Spot of Tea?

Get warm & toast your health!
Get warm & toast your health!

A lovely cup of tea on a drizzly day does more than hit the spot. Get powerful benefits of polyphenols and antioxidants while enjoying the delicious and delicate flavors of black, green, Oolong, white and Olive leaf teas. Brewing tea loose-leaf is the best way to enjoy tea because the flavors are richer and smoother in flavor. It is also a great way to replace the traditional morning pot of coffee, because it takes about as much time and preparation, but the health benefits are more abundant, the flavors vary and yes, the caffeine will due it's diligence, or not if you prefer.

  • Black tea gives about half the amount of caffeine of coffee and also provides antioxidants boosting your health. Lower risks of cancer, prevent clogging of arteries, and wiping out viruses are a few more reasons to drink black tea. Some of the finest black teas come from India and Darjeeling is noted to be the favorite among black teas.
  • Green tea is a bit grassier in flavor and also contains the much desired properties of black tea. It also offers the additional benefit of lowering blood pressure.
  • White teas offer more health benefits than green and is more delicate in flavor. It helps boost the immune system, fights tooth decay, lowers cholesterol and provides great amounts of antioxidants and catachins that help prevent different kinds of cancer. This tea goes through no processing which keeps these valuable properties intact. Brewing this tea loose-leaf style keeps the taste sweeter than pre-bagged.
  • Olive tea helps build a strong immune system and is a great way to fight against the flu viruses and colds, It is a mild tea and is a great way to say 'I love you' at a tea party. To find olive tea, visit
  • Oolong tea falls in between green and black tea and is also contains antioxidants It can help burn fat and help digestive disorders.

Finding the right tea for your your health can be easy with these websites. The possibilities of tea are limitless so enjoy the gift of tea and give the coffee pot a vacation.


  • Scarlett 5 years ago

    Fantastic article! I love tea, and it's good to learn about all the benefits of drinking it! Thank you!

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