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Sports mascots fact attack

Mascots are stubborn: they keep on comin' at ya' bringin' that enthusiasm regardless of how your team is doin'. Have you ever seen the Pirate Parrot do an angry rant?

Here's that notorious man, Richard Sherman, with the Seattle Seahawks mascot Blitz.
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Has the San Diego Chicken (also known as the KGB Chicken back in the day) ever begun swearing at a Padres game forcing you to engage in a back and forth about the proper place for profanity.

Kids know the mascots as those funny faces who never clutter the carnival of that particular sports scene with mere words. You and your little kids can find words anywhere: anywhere else that is.

Mascots will never take to the microphone and declare a lineup change or the attendance total or that license plate number 765-4321 left his lights on. Neither will mascots avoid expressing themselves in that skillful way they do without even a hint of a word appearing on their never-pursed beak.

It's often a beak, isn't it? Often these giant birds are hangin' out, perched, if you will, like a giant comedy stream or flood. A silent stream is so intriguing, isn't it? These mascots, though, are really a comedy flood because their confidence is so supreme.

How does someone pull that off, that art of getting people's attention? This charm from these mascots hides a supreme confidence underneath that pile of foam rubber and ice packs.

The one trick I found out is that the mascots are cool. They're so cool but not because (not totally because) they're so cool and confident by nature. Ice packs really help! I found this out when livin' in the furnace: that steamy town of Richmond, Virginia.

On one extremely hot summer day in that Virginia city I got the brilliant idea of headin' out to see the Richmond Flying Squirrels play a baseball game. So I did what any sane fan would do: I put ice packs in my pockets which kept things cool, or cooler.

Have you been to Richmond in the summertime?

So when you see a mascot give him (or her) an icepack. Because you know, as well, how important it is to be cool.

Then you can confidently balance the idea that cool, indeed, has a few meanings.

Check out the attached video that will tell you a few cool facts about those cool customers we know by many names.

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