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Sports in L.A. what next

The Kings, L.A. Standard  Bearers
The Kings, L.A. Standard Bearers
Photo by Paul Bereswill/Getty Images

Entertainment Industry.
Welcome to the L. A.’s Glass Menagerie

My work in the world of sports has taken me to many cities, many states and many countries. A great number of those cities have proven to be exceptional sports communities.

Coming originally from Massachusetts, of course I was spoiled. The never wavering support for our teams was evident by the fact that the State Capitol is the only one in the United States that hangs the banners of their Pro Teams 24/7 from the balcony in front of the edifice. On display are the banners of the Red Sox, the Patriots, the Celtics and the bruins

Today, and for many years, I have lived in the Los Angeles Area. I always looked on L.A. as one of the great sports centers along with Chicago, New York, St. Louis and San Francisco. Although, it has only one pro team, in season, Green bay, Wisconsin has no peer.

In fact, to quote my friend Jerry Berger, L.A.’s Sports Scene is the full-time residence for on-going Sports Soap Operas.

I am not including the NHL’s Kings in this description. They are the heroes in this case, whereas others are the villains as well as the ladies and men in waiting. The Kings march on, holding the L. A. Banner high.

Foremost among the characters are: Don Sterling, the bewildered and apparently out of touch soon-to-be former owner of the NBA Clippers. Or will he be?

His reactions are likened to a windmill whereby he twists and turns and on a daily basis, no one knows which direction he will be going at any given moment.

Then there’s the faire Shelley, Mrs. Sterling. She really wants the deal offered by the Knight in Shining Armor, Sir Steve Balmer. That deal will bring the Sterlings a 544% return on their investment of 32 years ago.

How badly does she want the deal? Well, she employed two independent Psychologists to declare Don “the Devil” incompetent to negotiate any deal.

Somehow, she got him to agree to these tests. In spite of all this, he’s not going lightly into the Sunset.

Then there’s the other inhabitants of Staples Center, home of NBA Basketball in L.A… the once proud Lakers. Now reduced to a plaything for buffoonery.

With Draft Day less than two weeks away, they don’t yet have a coach. In wisdom, not reflected of the Laker’s two pervious owners, the Late Jack Kent Cooke and Jerry Buss who were men of vision, today’s owners have no clue what to do.

Instead, Jerry left the franchise to his children and put the Basketball Operations in the hand of son Jim. Jim’s ineptitude in trying to live up to the footprint left by his dad, has proved greatly inadequate.

According to all in the know, Jerry should have put his daughter Jeanie in charge. After all, she is a member of the NBA Governing Board. He did not do this and the results have been drastic. Current management (?) has decided that all of the Buss children will participate in the selection of the new coach.

Hmm! Did Edison need a committee when he invented the light bulb, or Alexander Graham Bell when he created the Telephone, or for that matter, what about Bill Gates when he brought about Microsoft? The obvious answer is NO! As a matter of fact, it has been proven for the most part that the only thing a committee creates is confusion.

Are you listening Congress?

Then there is the New York Knick team. They have wallowed in the NBA cellar for years. Finally, while the Lakers remained indecisive, they stole one of their prize possessions (or are least the Buss’s thought) and made him President. Phil Jackson is recognized as one of Basketball’s all-time great minds. In his new capacity wasted no time in plucking a newly retired former Laker player as his coach.

For years, Derek Fisher has long been considered to be a coach on the floor and a great leader. With the Lakers and under Phil, he won many Championships. Now, they are back together again,

When Curt Rambis, long time Laker assistant coach with voiced his desire to the brass that he would like to be considered for the Head Coach job he was denied.In fact, he was told basically to get lost.

Derek and Phil wasted no time by adding Curt to their team.

I look for the great Bill Bertka, he of the finest drafting mind, to come out of retirement and join Phil, Derek and Curt in re-building the once great Knick’s… block-by block.

Meanwhile, L. A. has these dual Soap Operas continuing.

Oh yeah! … don’t forget, the Dodgers can only be viewed by 10% 0f the L. A. population.

This trilogy is a Screenwriter’s Dream………….

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