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Sports injury reminders: Concussions

The beginning of school is just a few weeks away. One activity may kids look forward to is team sports, some for the first time. Parents, coaches and others need to review the signs and symptoms of many sports injuries before they happen. Of growing importance and awareness is the concussion.

Avoid concussions in sports.

Often undiagnosed or untreated in the past, a concussion is one head injury that is largely invisible at the time of onset. Lots of professional athletes have recently spoken up about the devastating life altering affects they have undergone as a result of concussions. . Recent lawsuits by former National Football League players against the league have raised exposure on the health impact of concussions on athletes – particularly their cumulative effect on the brain. How much more vulnerable are children!

While many doctors and medical institutions are calling for more research, adults can educate themselves on how to identify and care for a child with a concussion, concussion prevention during sports, post-concussion return to sports, and multiple concussion dangers.

Where once young athletes were encouraged to “tough it out” from all sports injuries, many schools have now instituted mandatory actions when a concussion is suspected or any head injury is reported. Emergency room visits from concussion suspected injuries has increased to over250,000 a year, according to Healthline News.

More males than females are treated for head injuries, as they participate in more contact type sports, such as football, hockey and wrestling and lacrosse. Head injuries are also increasing in female athletes, Girls also play soccer, lacrosse, and basketball, where injuries from contact and falls are frequent, too.

Students who have suffered one concussion stand a higher chance of suffering a second than those who have never had one.
The CDC has published a page, “Heads Up: Concussions in Youth Sports” with comprehensive information for students and parents to learn about head injuries, prevention, and care. It has a link to an action plan, a training module, free kits about concussion awareness and education, and lots of additional information for parents, coaches and athletes. Materials are available in both English and Spanish.

Before school starts, and a head injury derails the life of a young student, read, learn, and lobby schools to prevent concussions.

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