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Sports Illustrated Kids and Capstone Young Readers have published a children's

Capstone Young Readers, Sports Illustrated Kids, Christina Forshay

picture book that is very cute about going to a baseball game in the ball park. GOODNIGHT Baseball was published in 2013. In 2009 Sports Illustrated Kids and Capstone Young Readers agreed upon the publication of a line of nonfiction and fiction sports stories and that idea was licensed between them. The story GOODNIGHT Baseball was written by Michael Dahl who has written over one hundred children's books including books for young adults, and he has been awarded an AEP Distinguished Achievement Award for Educational Excellence. The illustrator of GOODNIGHT Baseball is Christina Forshay, who studied Fine Arts at California State University in Long Beach. Her work is very nice. She is also the mother of two children, and as one might imagine, experienced at reading children stories at bed-time. Any Dad or Mom who has a young child will enjoy reading this book at story time especially if they are fans of the game of baseball. The story book picture book will expand the world of a two to seven year old when the pages that are wonderfully illustrated are turned. Christina Forshay illustrations make GOODNIGHT Baseball the bedtime story young children will love as much as their baseball fan parents who read it to them. Share some sweet moments together at bedtime as you read this very good children's book. After all, we all know that baseball is the United States of America's favorite pastime as well as now-time!
You may purchase a copy of GOODNIGHT Baseball from Amazon, or Capstone Young Readers.