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Sports hypnosis

Using hypnosis to help sports activity and reduce injury healing time has been used for years.
Using hypnosis to help sports activity and reduce injury healing time has been used for years.
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Athletes try many different ways to help themselves enhance their performance in sports. Many ways are ineffective or worse, illegal. One way that can be very effective and is completely legal is hypnotherapy. Hypnosis has been used for hundreds of years in many sports. The Russian Olympic team took 11 hypnotists with them to the 1956 Melbourne Olympics. The Russians also won more medals that year than any other competing country.

Jack Nicklaus says hypnosis and visualization techniques helped with his success in golf. Players from the New York Mets, Los Angeles Dodgers and baseball players such as Rod Carew of the Minnesota Twins have used hypnosis to improve their performance and help manage pain and injury. Phil Jackson used hypnosis with the Chicago Bulls and L.A. Lakers when he was coaching these championship teams. Basketball players like Michael Jordon, Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal have all used hypnosis. Tennis pro Andre Agassi has worked with Anthony Robbins utilizing hypnosis and NLP to improve his performance on the tennis court. Even golf great Tiger Woods used hypnosis several years ago.

Coaches and players see the benefits of using hypnosis. It can help in following areas:

* Increase endurance
* Improve performance
* Alleviate pre-competition anxiety
* Remove distractions
* Overcome mental obstacles
* Remove any negative thoughts before, during and after
* Focus and concentration
* Positive reframing of past negative experiences
* Increase motivation & determination
* Adjust body weight
* Remove hesitations
* Enhancing teamwork

Even high school teams and coaches are finding benefits in having hypnotherapy brought on the field of competition. Loyola High School in the Los Angeles ISD had their entire football team hypnotized by hypnotist Tom Silver to help win games. And Professional Hypnotist Jim Wand hypnotized the Van Wert High School football team in Van Wert, Ohio contributing to their winning season.

Hypnosis is not just for losing weight or to stop smoking. As we grow more and more enlightened as to the multiple uses of hypnosis, we are finding more ways to help improve our lives. Through hypnosis, sports enhancements can be accomplished without enhancement drugs, and it is perfectly legal!


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