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Sports bar workers make money during Final Four

The Final Four of the NCAA Basketball Tournament means more opportunities for people who work in sport bars. It means more customers and more tips.

"I love big sports events because it means I have many more customers. They watch the games, party and spend more money on food and drink. And that means more money for me," said Brianna King, a bartender at a sports bar.

"The Final Four is a great opportunity for people like me who work in restaurants. A lot of people come in, have some drinks, cheer for their favorite team and spend more money. And I usually get more money in tips," said Maria Perez, a server and bartender at a restaurant that includes a sports bar.

"When there is a big game, people some to sports bars like the one I work in. I have always done well when a major sports event takes place because people are in a mood to party and spend more money on drinks," said Brad Nichols, a bartender at a sports bar.

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