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Sports bar workers do well during World Cup

The World Cup is now underway. And for people who work in Miami Sports bars, this means more customers and more customers who drink and eat while they are watching the games.

"I love soccer. I am from Brazil and I grew up playing and watching soccer. I just love soccer. But now I work as a bar tender in Miami. A lot of people come to my bar to watch the games. As the games get more exciting, people spend more and more money on drinks. When a team scores a goal, people buy a round of drinks for their friends. And this means they are spending more money and leaving bigger tips. This means more money for me. And other people I work with are also doing well," said Jose Gonzalez.

Mary Herndon works as a bar tender and a waitress in Miami. She has noticed that more people come to her bar and restaurant during the World Cup. "People come here and have a lot of fun. They love the excitement of soccer. And when their favorite team is playing they spend more money on food and drink. This is good for me and the people I work with because we make more money on tips," said Herndon.

But some employers don't think the World Cup is good for business. "A lot of my personnel stay home during big games. They call in sick or they sneak out to watch the games. And this means less productivity for me. I will be glad when it ends because it is costing me money," said Bryan O'Neal. He runs a construction company in Miami.

Some workers say the World Cup is a big distraction. "I work as in marketing and I can tell you a lot of people at my office just are not interested in work during the World Cup. We are all talking about the games that we saw. And a lot of people watch the games on their cell phones during work. But soccer is clean cut fun. We all love soccer. I grew up playing soccer and my two boys love to play soccer. It is crazy but we all love it. These games are so exciting," said Donald Fisher, who works in Miami.

Those who own sports businesses say the World Cup is great for business. "I sell soccer shoes and soccer uniforms. More people are now going out to play soccer and they are buying soccer shoes, shorts and shirts from me," said Jorge Hernandez, who operates a sports store in North Miami.

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