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Sports 4 All Foundation holds visiting recreation program each week at four Nashville sites


Project HEALTH meets at four locations in Nashville
Sports 4 All Foundation

Since its inception 12 years ago, the Sports 4 All Foundation has provided funding, equipment, programming and education to help people with disabilities participate fully in sports and recreational activities. Founded by Kris K. Salisbury, the organization has developed collaborative partnerships with retailers, manufacturers and individuals to build an inventory of over 2,500 donated pieces of sports equipment. Sports 4 All also matches grant funds to redistribute to non-profits serving individuals with disabilities.

One of its programs, Project HEALTH (Helping Every American Learn To be Healthy), is a mobile recreational program held four days a week at different service facilities in Nashville. Activities are designed to meet individual physical capabilities so that everyone has an opportunity to participate.

The program has three main goals:

  1. Increase interest of exercise among Tennesseans and offer activities to each group or person who wants to participate
  2. Increase physical abilities by 20% with all participants.
  3. Build confidence and emotional wellness, measured by facial expressions and positive social interaction.

Activities are conducted by volunteer class facilitators. These "coaches" are college students studying Physical, Occupational, Speech, and Recreation Therapy. Nutritional information is provided and exercise programming includes:

Circuit Training - A group exercise designed with stations for strength training, endurance and stretching. All exercises are adaptable for each ability for total inclusion.

Yoga - A facilitation of light stretching and deep breathing exercises to increase flexibility and movement. It is also helpful with stress relief especially for people with little verbal communication.

The Rhythmic Arts Project (TRAP) - A program that maximizes senses and the body's natural rhythms. It uses sound, color, touch to stimulate memory, communication, learning and even leadership skills.

Mondays in December the program meets from 3-4:30 p.m. at Friends For Life, 5820 Hillsboro Pike for circuit training and TRAP. Circuit training is provided at Evergreen Presbyterian Ministries Day Program, 501 Metroplex Dr. on Tuesdays from 9:50-11 a.m. TRAP is provided Wednesdays from 11 a.m.-noon at Coleman Center, 384 Thompson Lane. And circuit training is provided each Thursday from 9:45-11 a.m at Richard Hartman Park, 2801 Tucker Rd.

Volunteers are needed to lead exercise groups, conduct research, take photos/video and provide encouragement and motivation for participants. For more information or to volunteer, call 354-6454.