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Sport Karate VS. Traditional Karate

Sport Karate versus Traditional Karate.
In this day and age it seems more people are falling into sport martial arts or McDojos,
Buying their belts and competing all while loosing sight of the old ways. Traditional Karate is a dying art, most people that say they train in “traditional karate” don’t. But a wise man once told me “to each their own”; all martial arts can be beneficial if it’s student’s train with a good spirit. In this article we will discuss the old and the new as best as I can with what I have experienced. This article is mostly just a brief look at the two different ways of training in martial arts. There are many differences between the two and more will be covered later on in future articles.

Old and new techniques.
From a technical viewpoint of both ways, newer techniques are easier to do, faster to learn, prettier and can damage joints as well as internal organs but are meant for competition mostly. Older techniques are harder to learn and take more time to learn as well and if trained in correctly won’t damage our own bodies, but are not meant for competition due to have more destructive capabilities. Old and new techniques can and will damage ourselves and other people depending on the way we execute them. A lot of differences seen between the two in techniques is the way the technique is thrown/folded or just the overall look of it, sport martial arts usually tend to lock out joints when executing techniques, to look better mostly, but not always and the stances tend to be long and deep, but both old and new have mixed stances that will be long ad deep or short and balanced. The old techniques tend to have all the joints bent for protection as well as body alignment.

For the old way there were no sanctioned competitions, karate-do was all about self-defense and self-preservation. Sport martial arts “evolved” the old ways to be able to compete in tournaments without killing someone, making martial arts more of a martial sport. Martial arts are meant to be a way of life while sports are just that, sport. Neither way is wrong, it always depends on the person training it. Sport martial arts that compete a lot are in it just to compete and have fun and win, which there is nothing wrong with but in old martial arts competition was forbidden, the only person you were suppose to compete with is yourself, your own ego.

Even in the old times there were no belts, the belt system was created for sport judo, by Jigaro Kano. There is nothing wrong with belts but some people have a tendency to let go to their head and inflate their ego. The belt system was added to karate by Gichin Funakoshi around 1916-1922 timeframe if I remember correctly, when he was trying to popularize karate in Japan.

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