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Sport bikes of the 1980s

Yamaha FZR600
Yamaha FZR600
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Can motorcycles from the '80s be considered classics? Yes, they can. Not only are they 25 to 34 years old, but styling also dates motorcycles of that era. However, they are not hideous to look at; it is just extremely obvious they were a product of the '80s.

Sport bikes as they are known today became popular in the '80s and famously appeared in Top Gun with Tom Cruise, among numerous other films. Maybe it was the speed or maybe it was the attractive look of aerodynamic fairings, it is hard to say what aspect of the sport bike made it so popular.

Motorcycle fans during the ‘80s were offered sport bikes from around the world. Manufactures like Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha and Suzuki offered the most common sport bikes. More exotic manufactures included Bimota, Ducati and Buell.

Like all classic motorcycles, sport bikes from the '80s have unique traits that enthusiasts crave - check out this slide show of popular sport bikes of the 1980s.