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Spoons Cafe' on the square in Mckinney does burgers right

The one with the red and yellow awning.
The one with the red and yellow awning.

Welcome to Spoons Cafe' on the downtown square in Mckinney. Spoons' decor just might fool you into thinking you've stepped into a Friend's episode (some clientele not excluded), even if the awkward, request-taking acoustical guitarist doesn't look much like Lisa Kudrow. Still, the old, tall ceilinged eatery, with its weathered brick walls and yellow on red framed mirrors, 50's style pastry cooler, and bizarrely misplaced full alcohol bar do carry with them a little charm. Thankfully, the food is much better than the decor.

Get to Spoons early, as it is a popular spot on the square, and open the small, yellow menu to reveal several comfort-food staples such as grilled pork chops, chicken fried steak, meatloaf, salads, soups, and sliders. It's the standard fare in this respect, however turn the menu over to marvel at the holy grail. Yes: Spoons serves breakfast all day, and well into the night. Even if you decide to go with a more traditional lunch or dinner entree, you can still be greeted with the sensuous aroma of hot pancakes steaming off the griddle with a side of warm maple syrup of course.

Disproportionately, our table went for the burgers, which at just under $10 a piece are simply too expensive. My wife had the sliders, one bleu cheese and bacon crumbled, and a simple cheesburger, while I went with the full-sized cheeseburger with salt and cracked pepper fries. Both were absolutely delicious, but the real draw here are the buns. Fresh, puffed, toasted, with a little sweet doughiness, it really set the burgers off and worked very well with the mayo and sweet mustard. The highlight of my wife's entree were the sweet potato fries, which I don't care for, but at the same time appreciate Spoons' as well above the average. The meat is cooked accurately, and does not arrive at your table floating on a sea of its own grease. While some may not, I find this a positive.

Word to the wise: Save some room for desert. Spoons Cafe' makes all their pies and cupcakes on site, and while the plethora from which to choose made the decision difficult, we opted for the candied strawberry  and whipped cream topped cheesecake. Oh my! What flavor! We would have liked to see a larger, taller piece of cheesecake as is popular now, but none could argue with its quality. A warning: not all cheescake is created equal. Some are light and fluffy, almost like mousse, while others are very deep, thick and rich with a sweetness heavy and bold. Spoons' cheesecake is the latter. You've been warned.

If you are in the downtown area of McKinney, by all means, do not fail to stop for a meal at Spoons Cafe'. You'll be glad you did, and you'll leave hungry no more. The wife and I got out for a tad under $30 sans alcohol.


  • Author's wife.. 5 years ago

    Ditto! Spoons was great!!! Oh and the sweet potatoe fries...YUM! :)

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