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Spoon Sports unveils its Open Air Top for the Honda S2000

Functional and aesthetically pleasing
Functional and aesthetically pleasing
Spoon Sports Ltd. & Go Tuning Unlimited

Click here for an exclusive sneak peek at Spoon's Official first photos!

Spoon Sports recently unveiled (Jan. 9,2013) its Open Air Top for the Honda S2000 at their Type One headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. The Open Air Top is one solid piece of aluminum that is bolted onto the OEM tonneau cover mounting point and secured underneath the stock hardtop.

Basically the Spoon Sports Open Air Top allows a Honda S2000 owner the security of having hardtop on but still have the feel and sensation of open air motoring with a slight bump in the entire roof.

According to Spoon Sports,

The Open Air Top is based on an open air driving concept.The top features a clear plexiglass dome surrounded by a composite trim color matched to the car.The aluminum surface is micro-finished for a unique textured look while improving aerodynamics. Spoon will continue to innovate and push the design envelope with exciting new products.

According to Spoon Sports, pricing and a final design ready for the public won't be available until Fall 2014.

With mixed initial reactions floating around the internet, it looks like fans of Spoon products are initially surprised by the revolutionary take on open air motoring but overall intrigued.

One thing is for sure,anyone who invests in a Spoon Sports Open Air Top add-on stateside is sure to be the envy of any car meet.

Spoon Sports is a Japanese company formed in 1988. It is an engine tuner and parts manufacturer specializing in cars made by Honda. Their concept is to create vehicles and parts that provide "total technology" and "real comfort".

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