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Spooky music and lies - Tonight on TV

Summer Monday's traditionally mean reruns, and, sure, there are plenty of those on the tube tonight (I'm looking at you, CBS). But we've also got some good first-run programs worth your gaze. So get out of the heat and watch some TV.

Lie to Me airs tonight.

LIE TO ME - 8 pm - WHNS  I'm not going to lie to you, Marge. I love this show. It's intelligently crafted, features a great core cast led by the talented Tim Roth, and pretends to be science-based. Like Dr. House, Roth's Cal Lightman can be a bit insufferably right all the time, but I really enjoy his antics and the way he wheedles the truth out of people. His specialty is reading peoples faces and the microexpressions that betray our inner thoughts. We've been getting a lot of "secrets from Cal's past come back to haunt him" episodes lately, but that's okay. He's a quirky character, and one worth investigating further. Watch tonight's episode, then report back here to let me know what you thought. And don't lie to me - I'll see right through you.

HISTORY DETECTIVES - 9 pm - WNTV  The theremin. A staple of spooky sci-fi films from the fifties and one of the first electronic instruments. Tonight, the History Detectives investigate the origins of this strange and wonderful machine. And World War II buffs will enjoy their look at a hand-drawn Japanese map of Iwo Jima.

LAST COMIC STANDING - 9 pm - WYFF  Tonight the "reality show" aspect of this series begin as the chosen comics compete in ridiculous games. We'll get to know the actual contestants tonightkeep hearing some funny lines as the "competition" part begins.

Today's Twitter follows: Lie to Me Scoop (fans of the show); History Detectives; Last Comic Standing Host Craig Robinson.

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  • Mike 5 years ago

    I agree about "Lie to Me" it is an excellent show. I especially like when they explain how a certain facial expression or body movment means they're lying and then flash pictures of two or three celebrities or political figures with the same expression. Classic.

  • 3rdrocker 5 years ago

    Lie to Me is a Monday night tradition in our household!! We *never* miss an episode of this refreshingly brilliant show, and, in fact, it's the only scripted show we watch - no lie! It'll become a Wednesday night tradition when it makes the move in the fall! Thank you for giving some well deserved recognition to Lie to Me! :)

  • Laura Elaine, Greenville Fashion Examiner 5 years ago

    I too love Lie To Me. And I'm stoked Last Comic Standing is back! I had almost forgotten all about it!

  • 3rdrocker 5 years ago

    My follow-up after just seeing the episode - it was intense, suspenseful and entertaining! Best show, hands down. :)

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