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Spooky doll stories

a brave new world for dolls
a brave new world for dolls
TJ Johnston

Okay, yes, I know, there hasn't been an article in months. The ghost at my house is even keeping quiet since we had some repairs done finally. Still footsteps on the ceiling and darting shadows but this is daily stuff and nothing worth writing about every time it happens.

This article? Well aside from my small report, Something to look forward to for your local christmas lists. It's not a haunted place, but all of us have heard about haunted dolls and I had to include this one as one of the creepiest of new toys on the market. Yet, somehow it could be an invaluable ghost hunting TOOL as well!

Just released is Video Girl Barbie (you know, Mattel) ! pert of their pop culture collection/line/single doll that people are supposed to collect... anyway there is a video camera, like a cell phone has inside her! In fact you can connect to various social sites with it as well. the camera lens is disguised as well to look like a piece of jewelry. OMG! stalker much? but who wouldn't, in the ghost hunting world, want a disguised camera to see if it's someone real or phantasmal moving things around in the playroom at night. As long as they are blissfully unaware that they are being watched by those plastic painted eyes and cheerful smile of the toy bin heroine we have all grown up with. At about 50 dollars, it's a deal!

Nanny be ware! Mom can keep an eye on what the kids are really up to from Barbie's point of view.

I love/hate this creation. Wish it came out when we videoed our barbies sordid fashion and social faux pas with that 10 pound monster video camera of the 80's.

The possibilities are astounding. Take her to work as a desk sitter. Leave her in the car to see who keeps leaving notes on the windshield.  Put her in the RC car and drive at squirrel level down the driveway. But most of all watch for unseen movement or if it's really a live influence causing your hauntings. Check it out soon!


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