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Spoof of 'Cliven Bundy must die' Facebook page gets more 'likes'

'Cliven Bundy Must Die' Facebook page does not violate community standards
'Cliven Bundy Must Die' Facebook page does not violate community standards
Facebook [ProLife = ProGod]

Yesterday, it was reported at Tavern Keepers that Facebook refused to remove the offensive "Cliven Bundy must die" page because they claimed that the page did not violate their community standards.

Shortly after the article was published, two spoof pages were born: The "Those who want Cliven Bundy dead 'MUST DIE'" page and the "Cliven Bundy Must Die- is a Horses A**" page.

Ironically, over the weekend "The Reformation of the Republic of America" page was inexplicably removed from Facebook. The administrator of the page, David Wingate, said it "was shut down completely for several days," but no explanation was initially given.

Wingate told the Examiner that he "wrote Facebook several times with no reply." Concerned that one of the other administrators on the page was somehow responsible, he removed them, but was still unable to post.

Finally, Wingate logged back in today and was told by Facebook that people were complaining that his page was "violent," a charge he vehemently denies. "We are anything but violent," he said.

Wingate continued to say that he "almost did not even restart the page after they said I could," because he realizes "the futility" in maintaining his page when it "can be shut down for no reason."

The irony of his page being removed, while the "Cliven Bundy must die" page was not found to violate community standards, was not lost on Wingate.

The "Cliven Bundy must die" page currently has 236 "likes," while the "Those who want Cliven Bundy dead "MUST DIE"" page has 504 "likes." The "Cliven Bundy Must Die- is a Horses A**" has a respectable 133 likes at the the time of this writing.

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