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Spoilers for WWE 'Superstars' taped before 'Raw': Ziggler vs. Ryback

"Superstars" started out with one heck of a match.
"Superstars" started out with one heck of a match.

WWE "WrestleMania XXX" was just 24 short hours ago, and there was a lot that went down, but the company is still in New Orleans for "Monday Night Raw." Sitting live in attendance on Monday, April 7, 2014, a couple of matches were taped before the main action got underway and it was extremely strange seeing the opening bout with wrestlers that were in the main event scene just one year ago.

Live from the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans, Dolph Ziggler was the first person to come out for the night and he was met with a huge ovation.

Those cheers soon turned to boos as his opponent was introduced as Ryback. The monster was accompanied to the ring by his tag-team partner, Curtis Axel.

This was actually a pretty good one-on-one match that saw a lot of back and forth action, but Ziggler had the majority of the offense. He also had the crowd firmly on his side. Axel only interfered one time in hitting Ziggler on the apron, but it amounted to nothing. Ryback got the clean win with the Shell Shocked.

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Next out was Kofi Kingston for a one-one-one match with Titus O'Neil. The crowd was firmly behind Kingston, but that changed halfway through the match.

O'Neil got in most of the offense using his power moves and even delivered three consecutive rib-breakers without ever putting Kingston down.

Kingston jumped up to the top rope and backward toward O'Neil at one point, but almost missed him entirely. A minute later, O'Neil picked up the clean victory with a spinebuster.

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