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Spoilers for 'The Walking Dead': Who will die in the season 4 finale?

Will Glenn and Maggie survive Sunday's 'The Walking Dead'?
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The big season 4 finale of “The Walking Dead” airs on Sunday, and fans are dying for spoilers. It is said to be a shocking and brutal episode, but what can viewers expect to see happen? On March 25 the Latin Times shared a few teasers about what has been revealed so far.

Episode 4x16 is titled “A,” and of course AMC isn't revealing much in the spoilers they've shared so far. Rick is going to come "face-to-face with sheer brutality when multiple paths collide” according to the official synopsis via TV Guide. Fans have heard that Rick will be facing bigger challenges than he's ever faced before, which says a lot considering some of the big events he has already survived. What does this mean? Of course those “The Walking Dead” spoilers remain under wraps for now.

Will some characters die in this episode? It seems virtually guaranteed, as that has been standard fare for each previous season finale and many of the regular episodes. However, nobody is teasing anything specific regarding to any casualties. Entertainment Weekly teased some of the characters they believe are leading possibilities to be killed off on in Sunday's episode. As multiple sites have pointed out, typically the season finale deaths are not of substantial, major characters. However, that doesn't mean that this season's finale will follow that pattern.

Many fans worry that a tragic fate for Beth will be revealed in Sunday's finale, and there isn't much to discredit that possibility. EW theorizes that Bob, Carol and Sasha could also be greatly at risk. Many fans are quite worried about either Glenn or Maggie dying, as the recent reunion between them with the comment about never needing the picture again almost seems a foreshadowing of tragedy to come.

What about this big conflict ahead that Rick needs to survive? It is said that he will be a changed man after it, and those who follow the comic book series worry that they may know a bit about what lies ahead. Could Carl be at the center of this one?

While Terminus is said to be a place where everybody who makes it survives, fans of the show know things are never that simple with this group. It is also said that however Sunday's episode ends will give fans a good idea of where things pick up again in season 5. “The Walking Dead” season 4 finale airs Sunday, March 30 on AMC and season 5 should begin in the fall. How do you think “A” leaves fans hanging this week?

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