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Spoilers for 'The Little Couple': 'The Unexpected' brings tough times for family

Jen, Bill and Will's trip to India to adopt Zoey continues on 'The Little Couple'
Jen, Bill and Will's trip to India to adopt Zoey continues on 'The Little Couple'
Photo credit: TLC

Fans of “The Little Couple” fell in love with Zoey in the season premiere and people are anxious to see more of her in the new episode airing Tuesday. On March 10 the show's Facebook page shared a teaser for the next episode, along with an adorable picture of Zoey and Will. What can fans expect in “The Unexpected”?

The picture shared on “The Little Couple” Facebook page shows Zoey and Will in a double stroller. Granted, neither of the tots look terribly pleased at that particular moment. If the picture was from the family's time in India, chances are good that Will and Zoey were worn out and ready for some quiet family time, given how hectic the trip was. Fans can certainly understand that, and most would agree Zoey and Will are adorable regardless.

The page teases, “There's one more stop before Zoey can go home – New Delhi!” The family's time in India was complicated for a number of reasons, and viewers will see it all play out Tuesday. Not only did Zoey understandably have a challenging time adjusting to all the changes in her life, but Dr. Jen Arnold was feeling quite unwell.

The March 11 episode indicates that as Jen, Bill, Will and Zoey head toward New Delhi to wrap up the steps needed in Zoey's adoption, Arnold realizes her health is becoming a big issue. The TV Guide synopsis teases that “she must make a difficult decision that will affect the whole family." Fans know via previous “The Little Couple” spoilers that this means Jen will head back to Houston ahead of when Bill can return with Zoey and Will.

Though most fans already know that Dr. Jen Arnold was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer once she returned home, it'll still be difficult to see it play out on-screen. Tune in to “The Unexpected” episode of “The Little Couple” airing Tuesday, March 11 to see just how it all goes down.